A Few Hours Later…

“Hello, Spartan. Time to get serious about your body and armor,” said Sergeant Hodges. “You can customize it however you’d like, whether you change the color or even the armor itself.”

He picks up a Mark VI helmet off a nearby table. “This here is your standard Spartan helmet. It gets boring after awhile, now doesn’t it? Well, luckily we can change that boredom to the mere excitement of customization. Then your armor won’t look like shit, either,” he said rather slowly.

“To start us off, how about you choose an armor primary color?” he asks.

<Steel>     <Silver>    <White>    <Red>    <Mauve>    <Salmon>    <Orange>    <Coral>    <Peach>    <Gold>    <Yellow>    <Pale>    <Sage>    <Green>    <Olive>    <Teal>    <Aqua>    <Cyan>    <Blue>    <Cobalt>    <Sapphire>    <Violet>    <Orchid>    <Lavender>    <Crimson>    <Ruby Wine>    <Pink>    <Brown>    <Tan>    <Khaki>    <Don’t Care>