“This is the bridge of the Skyscraper. We have technology as far as the eye can see,” explained Cpt. Sevellus. “These people are the smartest of the smart. They know everything there is to know about operating a computer, and better yet a frigate. Interesting, right?”

You and Cpt. Sevellus walk around to the main control panel.

“This is the wheel of the ship, a fine masterpiece of its advance technology and artificial intelligence. Speaking of which, here’s an AI. Meet AI Ishmael. A fourth generation smart AI. He’s friendly but strangely silent when not needed. So, you don’t have to worry about Ishmael when he hasn’t spoken in a while. And he’s a smart AI so he doesn’t act like a complete ass!”

The commander turns and looks at a smaller control panel. He turned back around to you and states, “Your next mission will be in three days. Prepare for it well, it’ll be a tough one.”