Meanwhile… Just before the AA gun strike…

“Settle down, marines!” hollered the fireteam’s commander, Corporal  Baker.

A small squad of marines sat behind heavily packed sandbags at the foot of a hill, which happened to be knoll the AA cannon was upon. Beside them was a surface-to-air missile launcher, casting a shadow on them.

The corporal glanced at his troops as they relaxed. “Where’s the Chief, shouldn’t he be here by now?” asked Baker.

“Uhh,” said one of the marines as he pulled out binoculars from his utility case. He peered over some factories. Then he replied, “Looks like he’s still taking care of that Scarab,” he announced as he could see it over the buildings.

“Well, he oughtta be bringing some civilian workers from that facility over there,” explained the corporal as he pointed a gun at the nearby factory. “He’s also gotta help us take out that Anti-Aircraft cannon.”

The marines nodded and looked over their shoulders to watch the gun in action. At that moment it let out a burst, and the troops watched it fly through the sky, its plasma curling and spinning. Suddenly, it hit a low-flying frigate!

“Uh oh,” said one of the marines. The frigate was hit hard, and there was a big open space where it had been. The marines watched in terror and shock.

“Hey, look! That gun must’ve hit someone on the frigate,” exclaimed one the marines. In the distant sky, the squad could faintly see two bodies falling out of the hole. “Haha, maybe they’re alive…”

The marine with the binoculars looked up just to see what was going on. Through his binoculars, he could see one of the holding a jetpack and giving it to the other guy.

“They are alive! Look!” he announced as he passed the binoculars to the other troops. They all looked through them, jaws dropped.

The marines began carrying on questions like, “Will they land?” and “What are they gonna do?”

Corporal Baker snatched the binoculars away from the troop and gazed through them. The falling frigate-members suddenly ignited as they reached closer to the ground. They sank beneath the treetops, and Baker exclaimed, “They just landed on the ground! Not too far from here!”

“Should we go get them?” asked the marine who had the binoculars. The corporal thought about it and nodded faintly. He was one of the more dedicated and stronger troops, the kind of people who wouldn’t leave others behind.

“Let’s go!” he announced.

“HOORAH!” shouted the marines.