Updates & News – 7/1/12

Sup playahs?! We got some new updates for you guys to enjoy!

  • We opened up the official Headhun7er Twitter account! There should be a button below in the footer area for you to check out our profile on Twitter. Follow us to get news, random tweets, and even exclusive codes before anyone else!
  • I added some new pages to the campaign, but I’m still making more. As of the release of the new pages, Master Chief has been introduced in the game! Darn, I lost the Game…
  • WE FINALLY OPENED UP THE STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!!!! Check it out by clicking the Store page above.

I hope y’all enjoy, sorry for the shortage of new updates to the campaign. We’re really trying get those done and publish them. In the meantime, check out our MMORPG called Nation War!


– Nate