“Hey!” shouts one of the marines. He’s so far away, you can’t make out what he’s saying.

“What?!” replies Sgt. Hodges loudly. They approach each other while staying on their guard due to the nearby Brutes.

The marine team comes to greet you and Hodges. “Are you those guys that jumped out of that frigate? We saw you guys through these,” he says while holding out his binoculars.

You and the sergeant nod. “Yeah, but who are you guys? Just another fireteam?” asks Hodges.

Corporal Baker steps forward, “This is my team. Nice to meet you…?” His voice trails off awaiting your names.

“I’m Sgt. Hodges and this is my Spartan friend,” Hodges says while holding out his hand to shake with Baker.

“I’m Corporal Baker. Pleasure to meet you two,” he says proudly.

Hodges glares into his eyes. “Hey, I know you! Operation: Thermopylae! You were Squad Nine!”

Baker smiles and nods, “Yeah, and you were Seven!”

One of the marines butts in. “Wasn’t Operation: Thermopylae a Spartans-only mission?”

Baker and Hodges stare at him. “It was until they needed back-up from marine teams,” explains Sgt. Hodges.