Hello players, I’m Indigoflare the creator of Headhun7er and Crimina Games. The Headhun7er open beta lasted from June 29th to July 25th, 2011, but was then fully made (and is still being made). This game is about you as a SPARTAN-II during the Battle of Voi. The Portal/Artifact is opened (as seen in Halo 3’s mission “The Storm”). Three days after that, you are deployed into battle. Weave your way into saving humanity and fighting alongside Master Chief. Suit up and join the fight! Over 1,000 players have already joined!

Good luck, Spartan.

How to Play

Simply choose what to do by clicking the white words on each screen. There are usually no wrong answers! Use your imagination to think of what is happening. FREE TO PLAY!

Rated T for Teen: Violence and Mild Language



Leave your feedback below! We love to hear from our players so we know how to improve our game!

8 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Stephen says:

    I love Headhunter! It’s great and I can’t wait for new pages. Yay

  2. Fishy39 says:

    it’s a good game I like it a lot

  3. Qwertyboy123 says:

    I dont really like the style of it but i guess its ok. i do like how it is set during a time period in halo that all halo fans know very much about and it helps players connect to it.

  4. john1choclate says:

    yo whats up

  5. Jacob T. says:

    I love the Halo Franchise and Bungie. I like how this game works. I really have to imagine things, so it’s a little more creative than real video games. Headhun7er sounds like it will have a great story plot and tie up some loose-ends as to what happened with the other Spartans during MC’s time. I also like how the game follows along with the Halo 3 campaign, as Qwertyboy123 said above. This website is set up to where you can really focus on the game and not lagged down by advertisements and animations. Keep up the good work, a lot of us players really enjoy Headhun7er!

  6. Thanks! That’s what we were going for in Headhun7er. We really enjoy reading reviews like this. Tell your friends, Headhun7er is getting more exciting each day! Bye
    – HEADHUN7ER Staff

  7. Blackoutboy96 says:

    amazing i would rate 5/5

  8. Indigoflare says:

    @Blackoutboy96 Thank-you for your superb rating. We’re happy you like it!
    – HEADHUN7ER Staff


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