All the Small Things

Hey peeps! If you haven’t noticed, the team and I have been doing some site maintenance. Most of our improvements are small, little updates, like fixing typos or adding a new page here and there. But we’re proud to announce that we’ve opened up the official HEADHUN7ER Twitter! We tweet about updates, random things, and even exclusive codes to unlock content! Follow us to get them first!

Also, Nate finished the credits for the end of the game. If you wanna sneak preview at those, go here. But shh, they’re for the end of the game!

Community Question of the Post:

Where are you going to pre-order Halo 4 from?



2 thoughts on “All the Small Things

  1. Jacob T. says:

    I can’t decide where to get Halo 4 from because of all the bonuses!

  2. Fishy39 says:

    i like the quotes on the credits page lol
    i might preorder halo 4 from best buy because of the cool armor and the poster


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