HEADHUN7ER has finally reached over 1,000 views! To celebrate this, we are releasing a new exclusive. Use this code:


to unlock the bonus content for 1,000 views. Remember, exclusives are cAsE sEnSiTiVe! Click here to get to the Exclusives page. Link will open in new tab/window. Other than the awesome new exclusive, we thank all of your players for helping achieve 1,000 hits. We hope you enjoy HEADHUN7ER as we progress even further! New pages for the campaign will be here soon, so keep checking out the site (maybe we could get 2,000 views?). Thanks, and enjoy!



4 thoughts on “1,000 VIEWS CELEBRATION!

  1. Jacob says:

    I’ve gotten all the exclusives now! Headhun7er is awesome.

  2. Indigoflare says:

    Thanks, Jacob. You’re one of our best contributors, so we hope you enjoy HEADHUN7ER to the fullest of your ability. Thanks
    – HEADHUN7ER Staff

  3. Fishy39 says:

    congrats on a thousand views

  4. Indigoflare says:

    Thank-you, Fishy! We couldn’t have done it without our great player community.
    – HEADHUN7ER Staff


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